• Fire Safety Engineering Plan

Fire Safety Engineering

Tenos offer an innovative, practical and robust approach to fire safety engineering

Managing fire safety starts with the initial design of a building and continues through to handover. At Tenos, our Chartered Engineers work closely with architects and developers to design safe buildings at every stage of construction.


Fire safety engineering services

Tenos provides a range of fire safety engineering services to help you achieve statutory approval during a project’s design and construction phases:

  • Feasibility Studies for master-planning and concept design stages;

  • Attendance at Design Team Meetings;

  • Fire Safety Strategies to ensure early approval from authorities;

  • Advanced Fire Safety Design to demonstrate fire safety engineering compliance;

  • Fire Strategy Drawings for more detailed designs;

  • Expert advice and support during the Statutory Approval and construction process.


Benefits of fire safety engineering

  • It safeguards life and can limit damage to property from fire;

  • It supports innovative architectural design without compromising on safety;

  • It ensures statutory approval for complex and innovative building designs;

  • Significant construction cost savings can be achieved if fire engineering is introduced during the early stages of a design;

  • It ensures safe building design without over-design and unnecessary complexity;

  • It provides reassurance to the design team that all aspects of fire safety have been considered from a health and safety and compliance perspective.


Managing fire safety

Once a building is occupied, our comprehensive fire safety management service is available to public and private sector property owners and managers to ensure you continue to meet your fire safety responsibilities.


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