Advanced Fire Safety Design

Tenos use advanced computer modelling to demonstrate fire safety engineering compliance in complex or innovative building designs

Advanced fire safety design involves the use of computer modelling tools to help design teams to assess and improve the fire safety of buildings and proposed designs.

Generally, fire safety engineering ensures compliance with code requirements and development of a fire safety strategy utilising standard fire engineering methods. However, more complex fire engineering techniques can often provide substantial benefits in reducing construction costs and/or enabling greater design flexibility.

To demonstrate that a building design is compliant, in particular for those that fall outside of general ‘code compliance’, it may be necessary to utilise advanced fire safety design techniques.

Tenos advanced fire safety design services

Where a building design is not accepted as  ‘code compliant’, Tenos offer a range of advanced fire safety design services:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve and analyse problems that involve fluid flows. Using validated computer modelling tools, we can perform calculations to simulate the movement of smoke, heat and toxic gasses within the boundaries of complex building spaces.
  • Heat Radiation Analysis
    Building regulations set out requirements for the control of the spread of fire between adjacent buildings. Tenos has developed TenRAD, a 3D graphic software package that enables us to calculate fire temperatures and analyse complex facades. TenRAD has enabled the incorporation of windows in buildings with close boundaries and is an excellent tool to calculate the spread of fire from timber frame buildings during construction.
  • Evacuation Modelling
    Evacuation modelling allows us to assess crowd movement in complex building designs to optimise and refine the escape arrangements. It is widely used for stadia, passenger terminals, large shopping centres and warehouses.
  • Structural Analysis
    Using computer modelling techniques, we assist structural engineers in optimising the fire safety in building designs. We undertake fire severity calculations, analyse thermal response and assess structural performance to determine a cost-effective approach to fire protection.