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Tenos delivers fire engineering solutions that ensure compliance without compromising architectural design and functionality

At Tenos, our core expertise is delivering innovative fire engineering solutions for large, complex buildings.

Using advanced fire engineering techniques, our highly experienced Chartered Engineers offer a complete overview of fire safety in order to provide design teams with an alternative solution to strict code compliance.

Why appoint Tenos as your fire engineering consultants?


  • We offer a fully integrated fire engineering solution;
  • We have provided fire engineering input on some of the world’s most iconic buildings;
  • We are fully familiar with UK, US and other international codes;
  • We provide tailor-made solutions to meet the requirements of each project;
  • We can help achieve cost-savings during construction and throughout a building’s lifespan;
  • We will lead the negotiation process with relevant authorities to secure necessary approvals;
  • We provide fire engineering strategies that meet all of the appropriate statutory requirements without compromising architectural design or functionality.

Tenos’ fire engineering expertise enables us to oversee a project’s fire safety strategy from conceptual design through to building occupation and ongoing management.