• Fire Safety Management software

Tenos Benchmark

Tenos Benchmark helps you manage fire safety and legislative compliance cost-effectively across single or multiple sites

Designed by fire engineers for fire safety managers, Tenos Benchmark is a secure, intuitive, online fire safety management portal that  reviews,  records and displays real-time fire safety management performance.



Tenos Benchmark key features:

  • Secure, user-friendly, online fire safety management system;

  • Tenos Benchmark can be customised to meet your specific reporting requirements;

  • Provides constantly updated, real-time, fire safety management information;

  • Can be used for single or multiple buildings;

  • Access your information 24/7;

  • Fire risk assessment and other documents can be uploaded in both electronic and hard copy formats;

  • Provides a demonstrable and visible audit trail with its user, time and date stamp feature;

  • Site specific record drawings, plans and other documents can be uploaded simply and securely;

  • Excellent training and on-going support for users;

  • Real-time compliance charts or graphs (by region, property or manager) can be produced from action reports and exported into Excel documents;

  • Tenos Benchmark supports conformance with a number of quality, and health and safety standards including ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001.


Tenos Benchmark is now widely used by high profile private companies and public sector organisations as part of their overall fire safety management strategy.

With unlimited access and fire risk assessment records shown in real-time, Tenos Benchmark provides building owners and managers with a cost-effective way of managing fire safety and legislative compliance across their entire building portfolio.


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