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Fire Safety Management

Tenos advises public and private sectors on all aspects of fire safety management

Tenos has carried out fire safety management assignments in all industry sectors public and private from retail to residential, sports stadia to leisure complexes, and education to the NHS. We have a proven track record in implementing fire safety policies and procedures to provide a safe working environment across single or multiple sites.

Fire strategies depend on pro-active management. Our integrated approach provides building owners and managers with reassurance that a building’s fire strategy and consequential fire safety management is assessed and proactively managed with the advice and support of our highly experienced and qualified fire engineering professionals.


Total fire safety management

A key aspect of Tenos’ fire safety management is to strive for continuous improvement to performance. We achieve this by adopting the proven methodology of Plan, Do, Check, Act.

Fire Safety Management diagram


Benefits of Tenos’ approach to fire safety management

  • It ensures fire safety is actively and effectively managed;

  • Helps you understand your current standing in relation to fire safety management;

  • Confirms that you are satisfying your legal obligations as the ‘responsible person’;

  • Identifies areas most at risk and prioritises actions;

  • Enables you to review your progress against clear and targeted fire safety standards;

  • Reduces costs by continuously reviewing performance;

  • Demonstrates your commitment to fire safety.


Real-time, online fire safety management

By utilising our online, real-time fire safety management portal Tenos Benchmark, we can upload your fire risk assessments in order for you to view, update and comprehensively manage fire safety across single or multiple sites simply and cost-effectively.


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