The role of Building Control as part of the project team

In an article recently published in the RICS Building Control Journal, Tenos Fire Engineer, Andrew Foolkes discusses the role of the Building Control Body (BCB) as part of the project team.

Andrew draws on his experience working in public and private sector building control before making the transition to fire safety engineer.

“Stepping out of building control and having spent significant time working on the design side of fire safety has given me chance to take stock and reflect on the role of the Building Control Body as part of the project team,” said Andrew.

“The building control function is clearly an integral part of project delivery, but my experiences have made me question where advice becomes design and the implications of this for all involved,” he added.

Andrew goes on to ask, at what point does the pendulum swing too far?

In this article, Andrew offers informed opinion on what the role of the BCB should be within the project team in order to mitigate the root of conflict between design and approval.

Read Andrew’s article ‘Crossing Boundaries’

As published in the April/May 2015 edition of RICS Building Control Journal and kindly reproduced with the Journal’s permission.