Choose Tenos Benchmark for cost-effective fire safety management

Tenos Benchmark is now recognised as a fire safety management system of choice for facilities and estates managers with responsibility for managing fire safety across single or multiple sites.


Originally designed for the public sector organisation, NHS Blood & Transplant, Tenos Benchmark is designed to greatly improve fire safety by providing real time, fully auditable information via a secure online fire safety action management and document storage system.

The idea of an online fire safety management system was first introduced by Tenos in 2006. It was during discussions with long-standing client, NHS Blood & Transplant that we identified an opportunity to build this system to help them solve a particularly challenging fire safety management issue.

NHS Blood & Transplant had completed fire risk assessments at 90 sites across the UK. With all this fire risk assessment data, they realised that, to manage fire safety manually, would not be feasible or cost-effective. They asked Tenos to recommend a more streamlined approach to managing their fire risk assessment data and ensuring that actions were completed across all sites.

Tenos Benchmark was officially launched in 2006. Eight years later and NHS Blood & Transplant along with many other public sector organisations and private companies continue to use Tenos Benchmark.

Aptly named Tenos Benchmark, it is a useful point of reference for fire safety managers and a demonstrable and auditable measure of fire safety performance for both internal and external stakeholders.

What makes Tenos Benchmark so unique is that is designed by experienced fire safety consultants for fire safety managers. It is also highly regarded for its:

  • user-friendly dashboard,
  • interactive site location map
  • action status traffic light system
  • customised reporting and 24/7 access

Watch our demo video to find out more about Tenos Benchmark’s features and benefits – watch demo video.

Tenos Benchmark is now in its second generation and continues to evolve to meet the fire safety management needs of our clients.

If you would like more information about Tenos Benchmark, call Geoff Marlow on 0161 872 6798.