Advanced fire engineering required for Gibraltar prime residential development

Discover how Tenos helped Casais (Gibraltar) Ltd to demonstrate to the Gibraltar approving authorities that the design of Coach Park Housing Development provided an acceptable level of fire safety.

Earlier this year, Tenos was approached by the engineering and construction division of Casais (Gibraltar) Ltd to help them overcome a challenging fire safety compliance issue.

The Government of Gibraltar had commissioned Casais to construct a prime residential development in the northwest of the British Overseas Territory. Known as Coach Park Housing Development, the scheme comprises 6 apartment blocks varying in height between 5 and 8 floors and a total of 328 apartments. The scheme is part of the government’s commitment to providing affordable housing in Gibraltar.

The projects Southern European design features meant that the buildings balcony escape routes were deemed not to comply with Gibraltar Building Rules or British Standards.

Tenos was therefore appointed by Casais to assist them in demonstrating to the Gibraltar Approving Authorities, using fire safety engineering techniques, that the design provides an acceptable level of safety.

Led by Tenos Project Fire Safety Engineer, Andrew Foolkes, Tenos performed a Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis smoke movement on the balcony common escape routes. A comprehensive report outlining findings, conclusions and recommendations was delivered to Casais to assist them in achieving statutory approval from Gibraltar’s Approving Authorities.

This was a fire engineering project that not only required our comprehensive knowledge of UK and international fire safety codes, but our experience of working closely with overseas design teams was essential to assist the client in achieving their design aspirations, whilst providing a fire safety design that met with the requirements of the Approving Authorities.

Building work is now well underway on site with the development due for completion by the end of 2015.