A guide to specifying scope of work for a fire engineer

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) has published a comprehensive Guidance Note on the Scope of Works for the Fire Engineer.

Its purpose is to assist the construction industry with specifying a standard scope of works that would be expected to be delivered from a fire engineer. Whilst it is primarily written for new-build construction projects, it can be modified for use on refurbishment projects.

As well as clearly stating the role and responsibility of a competent fire engineer, it also provides a comprehensive breakdown of fire engineering services between the different RIBA Plan of Work Stages 1 – 7.

In 2013, you will recall that RIBA’s 50 year-old Plan of Work Stages A – L was replaced by new numbered steps. The FIA’s Guidance Note provides a useful cross-reference between the current RIBA Stages 1 – 7 and the former lettered stages.

RIBA Plan of Work Stages 1 – 7

  • RIBA Stage 1 – Preparation (Previously RIBA Stage A/B)
  • RIBA Stage 2 – Concept Design (Previously RIBA Stage C)
  • RIBA Stage 3 – Developed Design (Previously RIBA Stage D+)
  • RIBA Stage 4 – Technical Design (Previously RIBA Stage E/F1)
  • RIBA Stage 5 – Specialist Design (No Previous RIBA Stage)
  • RIBA Stage 6 – Construction (Previously RIBA Stage J/K)
  • RIBA Stage 7 – Use and Aftercare (Previously RIBA Stage L)

Interestingly, the scope of our fire engineering services is best demonstrated in the diagram below, which is based on RIBA Plan of Work Stages 1 – 7:


You can download the FIA Guidance Note on the Scope of Works for the Fire Engineer here.

And remember, it is the ‘client’ (the organisation that the fire engineering will be working for) with responsibility for ensuring that any fire engineer used on a project is competent. Reference to this Guidance Note will make it easier to specify the scope of work, review quotations and appoint a competent fire engineer for all RIBA stages of a project.

If you would like more information about this article or a quotation for any of the fire engineering services we provide for the RIBA stages outlined above, please contact:

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